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What Goes into Geriatric Care?

If you or someone you love needs geriatric care, it's important to understand all this entails and what to expect from a doctor who provides medical treatment for the elderly population.

Sep 1st, 2019
Menopause 101: What to Expect

Menopause — you’ve heard all of the stale stereotypes, silly jokes, and stigmas. But you may not know what to really expect when it’s your turn to enter the next phase of womanhood. Learn the basics of menopause and what’s in store for you.

Jun 17th, 2019
Recognize The Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can lead to serious conditions like heart attack and stroke, but the warning signs may not be obvious. Learning to recognize any symptoms that might develop and the risk factors can help you get the condition under control early.

Mar 1st, 2019
5 Steps You Can Take To Help Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. What you may not know is that heart disease is often preventable. Read on to learn how you can decrease your chances of developing heart disease.

Feb 8th, 2019
Lose Those Last Few Pounds This Year with SculpSure

Stubborn areas of fat can hang around even after you’ve reached a healthy weight. But you can still achieve your goals this year. Eradicate those problem areas with SculpSureⓇ body contouring treatments.

Jan 11th, 2019
When Is Your Child Too Sick For School?

If your child isn’t feeling well, do you know what to look for in deciding whether to send them to school or keep them home? Here are some simple guidelines to help you make the right decision.

Dec 7th, 2018
10 Health Benefits of Walking for Seniors

Walking is a low-impact cardiovascular exercise that can benefit the mental and physical health of seniors. Take a walk today so you can stay healthy and mobile while you get older.

Nov 19th, 2018
What Does an Adolescent Wellness Exam Entail?

From the preteen through teenage years, your child grows and changes at a rapid rate, both physically and emotionally. Ensure they remain on track for a healthy future and avoid risky behaviors by scheduling regular adolescent wellness exams.

Sep 26th, 2018
Physical Exercise and Diet May Help Prevent Dementia

Dementia is a cognitive syndrome that affects many men and women as they age, but getting older doesn’t mean you’re destined to experience dementia. Learn how exercise and diet can help keep your mind sharp.

Apr 17th, 2019
8 Back to School Tips for Children With Allergies

Back to school is a busy time for parents and students. Don’t neglect your preteen’s need to be proactive when it comes to allergies. Find out how to prepare your adolescent student, yourself, and the school to deal with potential risks.

Aug 23rd, 2018
How SculpSure® Banishes Stubborn Fat Bulges for Good

Chubby is cute when it comes to cherubs and babies, but when it comes to those stubborn fat bulges that won’t budge — even with diet and exercise — most of us don’t find it too cute. Enter SculpSure®, which banishes fat for good. Here’s how.

Jul 18th, 2018