Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy and Happy This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming up and it’s time to get ready to celebrate with family and friends. From playing out in the snow to parties and gift-giving, this time of the year is very special. All the extra activities can sometimes make it challenging to keep your family happy and healthy during this season.

In the midst of the holiday excitement, it can be easy to forget to do important things to take care of yourself. At The Medical Place Family Practice, Dr. Tasha Boone and her staff are available to help with your family’s medical needs during the holiday season and all year long. From vaccines to wellness exams to chronic disease management, we have all your medical needs covered! 

Tips to keep your family healthy and happy

Watch out for germs!

This time of year, it’s especially important to practice good hygiene because a lot of people packed together indoors can easily spread germs. For kids who are in school, it’s very important they wash hands properly and frequently, especially before eating and after using the bathroom. If you or your children are sick, you’ll heal more quickly if you stay home and rest, and it’s best to avoid communicating your germs to others.

Take it easy on the sweets

From candy canes and chocolate to holiday cookies, it’s easy to overdo the sugar during holiday party time. Eating a lot of sugary treats can lead to inadequate nutrition, hyperactivity followed by crashes, and difficulty sleeping. Monitor your child's sugar intake and act as a good role model by limiting yourself to a couple of small sweet treats a day. 

Outdoor safety 

Winter weather and holiday activities can be a challenging mix. Many people celebrate the season by putting up holiday decorations and lights. It’s important to be careful if you or your family members are going to be climbing on ladders and roofs, especially if there’s snow. 

In addition, cooler temperatures can result in ice that can cause falls, especially black ice, which you can’t see. Long dark nights can mean that you will be out in the dark more often, so be sure and bring flashlights and wear reflective clothing if you’ll be out in the later afternoon.


When the weather turns cold and the days are shorter, it can be easy to spend too much time on the couch in front of the television. It’s important to keep exercising during this time of year or burn off extra calories and support good mental health. Adults should get about 30 minutes of exercise a day for good health, and kids should get about 60 minutes each day.

Find outdoor or indoor activities that the family can enjoy together, such as walking or playing catch. If the weather is bad, consider options like swimming, indoor sports, or just turn up the tunes and have a dance party in your living room. 

Watch your stress

When zooming around to stores to buy gifts and traveling to loads of parties, you may become overwhelmed. The holidays can easily turn from fun to stressful in a matter of moments. You may feel you need to have the perfect celebration, or you may be managing conflict with out of town guests. 

Make sure you and your family make time during this busy season to rest and be quiet when needed. You don’t have to do everything, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Taking time for some quiet time with a book, a mug of tea, or yoga or meditation can help you to remain healthy and happy throughout the season.

When packing in the fun over the holidays, it can be easy for you and your family to forget about the things you need to for your health and happiness. Keep in mind a few simple tips that will ensure this holiday season really is filled with joy.

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